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Continuous glass fibers can be formed from melts with a wide range of compositions and viscosities. Commercial glass fibers are made for a variety of market end-use applications. Fiberglass is a versatile and cost-effective reinforcement for composites. Many processes, resins and forms of fiberglass facilitate this versatility. 

Chopped Fibers

Chopped Fibers from PPG are produced by continuously feeding glass strands through a rotating glass cutter. The strand lengths are varied to suit the end use requirements, typically in the range of 3-50mm. Chopped strands are used for reinforcing primarily thermoplastic, but also thermoset resin types.


PPG Fiber Glass supplies rovings in two distinct types – Direct Draw Rovings and Assembled Rovings, commonly known as Multi-End Rovings.


PPG Fiber Glass produces single-end yarn by twisting the original glass strand and rewinding it onto a textile bobbin. If two or more of these bobbins are wound together into one and a twist is imparted in the opposite direction, a doubled yarn is produced. Tapes and cloths are then woven from this doubled yarn by traditional textile methods.

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