PPG Industries: Bringing innovation to the surface
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PPG Fiber Glass conducts research and product development in each of its facilities located around the world. Highly trained and educated scientists, technicians, engineers and applications development personnel conduct research projects on new and improved fiberglass products and associated composite technology. 

With scientific and technical facilities around the world, PPG Fiber Glass provides its customers analytical services, various qualification performance testing services, technical support and collaborative product development assistance.

Shelby, NC (US) is an A2LA-certified laboratory. PPG Fiber Glass also operates research facilities in Hoogezand, NL and in Harmar Twp., PA (US). Our team of approximately 60 scientific professionals and fiberglass composite experts deliver innovative and value added technology solutions to our customers around the world.  

We conduct process research to ensure our manufacturing operations excel in product quality, productivity and energy efficiency.

The performance tests that we conduct in our laboratories are performed to ASTM and ISO standards. 

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