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Product Bulletins

PPG Fiber Glass is a global manufacturer of reinforcement materials for thermoset and thermoplastic composite applications with manufacturing and research facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia. It serves the transportation, energy, infrastructure and consumer markets, as well as electronic circuit board and specialty yarn markets. Each product bulletin provides a brief overview and description of the product, its features and benefits and other information such as general packaging information and recommended storage and handling procedures.

For available product bulletins, click on the links below.

INNOFIBER® Specialty Glass Compositions
HYBON® Direct Rovings
CHOPVANTAGE® Chopped Fibers
TUFROV® Long Fiber Thermoplastics
L.E.X.®/TEXO® Yarns
MATVANTAGE® Continuous Strand Mat
Wet Chop
Paper Dry Chop
Chopped Strand Mat
Multi-End Rovings
TEXO® High Temperature Mat & Processed Fibers

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Nippon Electric Glass (NEG, Head Office: Japan) has acquired PPG’s glass fiber business in Europe and USA. The business is now referred to as Electric Glass Fiber America (USA), Electric Glass Fiber UK (UK), and Electric Glass Fiber NL (The Netherlands), part of NEG. The products and technical information contained in this ppgfiberglass.com website are still valid, and will soon be transitioned to the website of NEG.