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Infrastructure & Power Generation

Power generation and transmission, and the infrastructure that supports our roadways and transportation keep the world’s economy moving. Fiberglass reinforcements provide the durability, strength and corrosion resistance to make it possible.

Fiberglass constructs faster than other materials and helps to extend the life of structures such as bridges and water transmission piping. It provides corrosion protection, making it ideal for industrial storage containers and sea walls.

Fiberglass also helps to protect the environment in applications such as filtration bags in baghouses and coal stack liners. The fiberglass protects the structural integrity of coal stacks, while helping to filter out particles. In baghouses, the thinly woven fiberglass captures harmful particles that may have been released into the air. In an LCA conducted by Stanford University, fiberglass composite insulators were found to be better for the environment than traditional ceramic insulators.


  • Coal stack liners
  • Baghouses
  • Sea walls
  • Bridges
  • Utility poles
  • Water storage and transportation
  • Filtration
  • Cooling tower components

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