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Specialty Glass Compositions

Glass fibers fall into two categories: general purpose and special purpose. The most widely used glass fiber types are general purpose, also known as E-Glass fibers. Overall E-Glass offers good mechanical, electrical and corrosion properties.

As the possible market applications of composites continue to grow, our customers have faced challenges to meet the demands related to performance, cost, reliability and durability, as well as the increased focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

  • The length requirements of wind blades continue to grow.
  • Power plants want maximum performance and lifetime from pipes and tanks in harsh conditions and environments.
  • Demands for fuel economy with sacrifice of performance are bringing changes to the automotive industry.
  • Continued advancements in technology require the signal speed of circuit boards to be more robust than ever before.

INNOFIBER specialty glass composition fibers are engineered for performance and designed for max
imum performance and enduring strength.

The Future of Fiberglass Performance

For more than 60 years, the composite industry has relied on E-Glass fiber to provide good electrical and mechanical properties. The INNOFIBER glass fiber compositions from NEG are engineered for specific performance.

The corrosion resistant properties of INNOFIBER CR glass fiber exceed the boundaries of standard E-Glass.

Higher and greater stiffness and lightweight mechanical properties are available with INNOFIBER XM fiberglass.

The future of fiberglass performance is with INNOFIBER glass fiber compositions from PPG Fiber Glass.



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Nippon Electric Glass (NEG, Head Office: Japan) has acquired PPG’s glass fiber business in Europe and USA. The business is now referred to as Electric Glass Fiber America (USA), Electric Glass Fiber UK (UK), and Electric Glass Fiber NL (The Netherlands), part of NEG. The products and technical information contained in this ppgfiberglass.com website are still valid, and will soon be transitioned to the website of NEG.