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Multi-End Rovings

Multi-end rovings from PPG Fiber Glass can be used in applications such as weaving, knitting, filament winding and pultrusion. Also, multi-end rovings can be texturized to fill product gaps where mat cannot provide the required characteristics.

1062 Roving
1064 Roving
1712 Roving
5509 Roving
5530 Roving
5545 Roving
6000 Roving
6313 Roving


PREFORMANCE® PREFORM rovings are designed for the production of directed fiber preforms with the need to apply conventional binders such as emulsions or powders. Proprietary thermoplastic fibers are commingled with fiberglass strands. This allows the preform fabricate to bind the preform through the application of heat after chopping. PREFORMANCE® PREFORM rovings are compatible with a broad range of thermoset polymer systems. The product’s design flexibility provides options to meet various process conditions in RTM, RTM-Light and compression molding.

PREFORMANCE™ Preform Roving


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