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E-Glass Yarn

E-Glass yarn is made of glass with high stability and durability. The glass composition meets the certification for E-Glass as defined by ASTM D 578-98, Section 4.2.2. All PPG Fiber Glass manufacturing facilities operate quality manufacturing systems that comply with ISO90001:2008 requirements. PPG Fiber Glass offers a variety of yarn product offerings for your specific application.


Return Procedures

Domestic (U.S.) European
RPS Pallet Return Procedure RRSC #30 Bobbin Return Procedure
R31 Bobbin Return Procedure RRSC #31 Bobbin Return Procedure
R53 Bobbin Return Procedure RRSC #53 Bobbin Return Procedure

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Nippon Electric Glass (NEG, Head Office: Japan) has acquired PPG’s glass fiber business in Europe and USA. The business is now referred to as Electric Glass Fiber America (USA), Electric Glass Fiber UK (UK), and Electric Glass Fiber NL (The Netherlands), part of NEG. The products and technical information contained in this ppgfiberglass.com website are still valid, and will soon be transitioned to the website of NEG.