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E-Glass Yarn

E-Glass yarn is made of glass with high stability and durability. The glass composition meets the certification for E-Glass as defined by ASTM D 578-98, Section 4.2.2. All PPG Fiber Glass manufacturing facilities operate quality manufacturing systems that comply with ISO90001:2008 requirements. PPG Fiber Glass offers a variety of yarn product offerings for your specific application.

The Yarn Selection Sheet provides an overview of the products that PPG Fiber Glass offers for single end yarns. L.E.X.® (single end) and TEXO® (multi-end) texturized yarn products are mainly used for decorative and industrial applications. All products are available in a range of twists and post treatments.

Single End Yarn

DE (EC6) Single End Yarn
G150 (EC9 34) Single End Yarn
G37 (EC9 134) Single End Yarn
G75 (EC9 68) Single End Yarn
H (EC11) Single End Yarn
K (EC13) Single End Yarn

Fine Yarn

Fiber Glass Fine Yarns

Direct Size/Resin Compatible Yarn

1383 Yarn

Plied Yarn

Plied yarns are manufactured from E-Glass with high heat resistance, low moisture absorbency, and superior electrical properties. A single bundle of continuous filaments is twisted per specification to form the twisted yarn strand placed onto a bobbin.

Beamed Yarn

Beamed yarn consists of a specified number of parallel ends pulled from a creel and wound onto a steel flanged-section beam. All PPG Fiber Glass Beams are made to order.

Return Procedures

Domestic (U.S.) European
RPS Pallet Return Procedure RRSC #30 Bobbin Return Procedure
R31 Bobbin Return Procedure RRSC #31 Bobbin Return Procedure
R53 Bobbin Return Procedure RRSC #53 Bobbin Return Procedure

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