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Wind Energy 

PPG Industries is among the world's two largest suppliers of both fiberglass and coatings, products essential to the growing wind power market.

Since the beginning of the wind industry and through its growth and development, PPG's products have been an integral part of wind turbines.

Our extensive knowledge of coatings and fiber glass comes from years of experience supporting other markets, such as automotive, aerospace, oil and gas and industrial. We have manufacturing locations worldwide and a specialized product portfolio, helping us to support you wherever, whenever.


PPG has extensive experience in manufacturing fiber glass reinforcements for composites. Turbine blades made from fiber glass are strong and lightweight, making them more efficient and more economical that other materials. These qualities also allow for increased length. Products can be tailored to both the manufacturing process and the application. PPG’s unique chemical sizings are specially designed to enhance the bond between fiberglass and resin, improving fatigue performance and allowing for rapid and more complete wet-out. Fiber glass offers a low cost alternative to other materials, yet allows for innovation in design and fabrication.

Blade Coatings

PPG coatings have been engineered for the operating environment to extend blade life while improving performance. PPG offers a variety of technology solutions that enhance coating process efficiency, whether the application is by brush, roll, or any other type of spray application equipment. A range of environmentally-friendly technologies, including water-based liquid, high solids solvent borne offer excellent substrate and inter-coat adhesion, as well as improved fill and speed of dry properties. PPG’s blade coating systems are available in all global regions where blades are manufactured, and are supported by local trained technical sales personnel and multi-channel distribution networks.

Tower Coatings

PPG Protective and Marine Coatings (PMC) is a world leader in protective and marine coatings protecting customer assets in some of the world’s most demanding conditions and environments. PMC has a long and successful history in the power industry providing coatings systems to the petrochemical, nuclear and wind energy markets. PMS has an extensive track record in the wind energy market and currently provides tower coatings to a global customer base. PMC coatings systems provide exceptional corrosion and weather resistance onshore and offshore with aesthetic appeal and can include PMC’s patented PSX polysiloxane, PSX® 700

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Nippon Electric Glass (NEG, Head Office: Japan) has acquired PPG’s glass fiber business in Europe and USA. The business is now referred to as Electric Glass Fiber America (USA), Electric Glass Fiber UK (UK), and Electric Glass Fiber NL (The Netherlands), part of NEG. The products and technical information contained in this ppgfiberglass.com website are still valid, and will soon be transitioned to the website of NEG.