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HYBON® fiberglass is a continuous filament, single-end fiberglass roving, with unique chemistries to work in a variety of resin systems.

HYBON 2002 roving is the industry-leading product for wind blade composites. With more than 20 years of wind blade experience, this product has the proven performance for wind blade applications. HYBON 2002 roving is offered as a single-end roving product in multiple TEXs and is fully compatible with polyester, epoxy and vinyl ester resin systems.

HYBON 2026 fiberglass is a high performing single-end roving for wind blades. Its unique surface chemistry has an affinity for resin and drives its excellent performance in wind blade fabrication, minimizing dry spots and rework. Use of HYBON 2026 roving for wind blade allows designers higher mechanical performance, most notably in tensile strength and fatigue life, which in turn allows them to optimize the composite structure.

HYBON 2002
HYBON 2026

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